Downloading for Dummies

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HTML and PDF text look exactly the same. The whole purpose of PDF and the Acrobat Reader is to give you the ability to word-search the document. If you are NOT interested in this feature, just read it in HTML. Acrobat Reader reads PDF format and supports the word-find tool. Only the Barry and Lynen Essays are available in PDF, due to their length. Once you have either version on your browser, you can disconnect from the web and read it with or without the word find tool. You can print it too. For best results, your security setting should be on medium - rather than high. I have had trouble opening pages when the security is set on high.

To obtain the Acrobat Reader: (this works on Windows 98 platform)

Step 1.

Go to your desktop.
Right click your mouse in the background - away from your icons. A menu pops up.
Put the pointer on New and another menu pops up. Look for the folder icon and select it by placing the pointer on the picture of the folder and left-click.
A new icon will appear on your desktop - a picture of a folder, with the caption under it saying New Folder. It will be highlighted and the cursor will be blinking. (You need to rename that folder) Just start typing the word Downloads . Now hit enter.
Now you have a new icon on your desktop: a picture of a folder named Downloads.
Now that you have this folder, your computer will automatically dump any downloads you take off the internet into this folder. It's a handy way to file your downloads and you don't have to select where to put them. Easy to file and easy to find.
Step 2.
Go to Adobe and get the Acrobat Reader as a free download . (Click the blue link and you will go there) It is very easy - just follow instructions. It will download automatically into the folder you created called Downloads. Be patient - it takes a while. You will see pages flying into a little folder. Finish the download and close.
Now you have the program - so to speak - in hand. It's the same as if you had come home from the computer store with a packaged program. Now you must install the program on your computer.
Step 3.
On your desktop, double left click the folder called Downloads. It will open up and show you an icon - a little red box which says rp500enu (it may say something slightly different depending on what options you chose on the download menu). This is the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Double left click on the box and the installation program will begin. Just follow it through. When it's all finished you will probably have an icon on your desktop for Acrobat Reader 5.0.

Now that Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, you can go to our web page and your computer has the necessary software to read the file in PDF. There are all sorts of nice tools with which to read the document. Only the Barry and Lynen essays are available in PDF at this time, since searching through pages and pages of text will be useful. The periodicals in the library are sufficiently brief to search manually.