by John F. Lynen

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Published by Yale University Press                                                Chapter 5  "Nature and Pastoralism"
New Haven, CT 06520-9040 (208 pgs)                                           pages 140 through 161 reproduced here  
Copyright 1960 by Yale University,                                                by permission of the publisher.  All 
                                                                                                                    rights reserved by Yale University Press.
Note from the Frost Free Library
The Pastoral Art of Robert Frost by John F. Lynen is a integral work in the Frost canon. The book is well worth reading in its entirety for insight into the use of pastoralism as a poetic device. Lynen's observation of how Frost uses nature in his poetry is particularly useful. We believe Chapter 5 is of special interest concerning Frost's use of the rural landscape. We wish to thank Yale University Press for permission to reproduce this chapter. It is a welcome addition to the Frost Free Library.
"Nature and Pastoralism"


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"Then I arose and silently wandered home,"