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Robert Frost Stone House Museum, So. Shaftsbury, Vermont
        "Robert Frost: The Poetry of Trees," explores the imagery and symbolism of trees
        beginning in aboriginal Greece,the history of trees in literature into the twentieth
        century and Frost's use of trees in his poetry.
"Sunday Afternoons with Robert Frost" is sponsored by The Friends of Robert Frost.
All programs take place at the Little Red Barn located behind the Stone House
and start at 2 p.m., unless otherwise noted. For additional info call (802) 447-6200.
All programs are FREE and open to the public.


 June 11
2 p.m.

 Little Red Barn
Dr. Virginia Smith is Professor of Chemistry at the Unites States Naval Academy and President of the Robert Frost Society. She is currently under contract to Clemson University Press for a book titled A Scientific Companion to Robert Frost.


"A Scientist's Appreciation of Robert Frost." Dr. Virginia Smith will present a selective overview of the many scientific and natural allusions found in Frost's poetry. She will address both his earlier work characterized by a simple, straightforward appreciation for science as natural history as well as his later poems that reflect a complex, conflicted relationship with concepts that challenged his perception of the world around him.

 July 9
2 p.m.


Little Red Barn


Dr. Natalie Gerber is Associate Professor of English at SUNY Fredonia. She has published extensively on the primal sounds of poetry and emphasizes that her talk is pitched for poetry lovers, not linguists.

"Robert Frost on the Wrong Track?" Dr. Natalie Gerber confronts the issue of Frost's much maligned theory of sentence sounds by giving us a brief tour of several linguistic theories that suggest the sudden rightness of Frost's wisdom. She will explore the difference between the sound of words (sounds, rhythm and rhyme,) that other poets exploit and the sounds of sentences that Frost (and many other modernist and pre-modernist poets) explore.
 August 6
2 p.m.

  Little Red Barn
Dr. Jonathan Barron is Professor of English at the University of Southern Mississippi and Editor-in-Chief of The Robert Frost Review

"How Robert Frost Made Realism Matter," will explain what realism is in poetry and, drawing on his recently published book How Robert Frost Made Realism Matter (University of Missouri Press, 2015), how realism is related to Frost's poems. He will focus on Frost's first published poem, "My Butterfly," and show that its realism made it new, unusual, even exciting for its time in the 1890s.
Copies of the book will be available for signing after the talk.
 September 17 2 p.m.

 Little Red Barn
 Chard deNiord is Poet Laureate of Vermont and Professor of English at Providence College  "The Mystical Suspense of Robert Frost." Chard deNiord will talk about the career-long dialectic Frost maintained in which many of his speakers engage in mystical and moral conversations from highly charged but suspended positions between earth and heaven. These suspended vantage points betray Frost's lifelong conflict in divining metaphorical places that inspire both mystical and essential human expression. Using several of Frost's suspended speakers from some of his best known poems ("Mowing,' "Birches," "Home Burial," "After Apple Picking,") he will show how Frost relies as much on ambiguity as revelation in his savvy deference to the unsayable.
The Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire
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