Reginald L. Cook Collection
Abernethy Collection
Davis Library
Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont

The papers of Middlebury professor, Reginald L. Cook, gifted to the college following the professor's death in 1984, but uncataloged as of 2010.

A comprehensive box list is presented here for the purpose of Frost scholarship. Researchers may contact the library through their website to request photocopies or visit the library.

Approximately one-half of the collection pertains to Robert Frost.


Photo: Doc Cook and Robert Frost
walking the woods around Ripton,
1955, by Lawrence Willard





prepared by Carole Thompson, summer 2010


Reginald L. Cook Papers at Middlebury College Library - Special Collections
Label C-4 -- 17 boxes

C-4 Box 1

Binder 1 "Robert Frost Miscellany"
I. Approach to Frost's Poetry
Viewpoints Toward

II. On Reading, views, on taking Robert Frost personally, reaction to other writers - poets

III. On Writing Poems

IV. Definitions of poetry,
Poetry as numbers
Words and Language
Frost personal declarations - wise statements - sayings, wit and humor

V. Relationships

VI. Personal Relationships

VII. Anecdotes

VIII. Frost and People

IX. Quotations about Frost


Binder 2 "Robert Frost 1925 - 1950"
An early draft of Frost Verbatim Volume I, July 15, 1925 to December 25, 1949.
Xref Box 9 for 1950-60, Binder 6

Binder 3 "Frost Notes"
Essays about Frost by Cook

a) Cook talk text for "Robert Frost Day, Ripton, VT" August 31, 1974, 4 pp, 3 copies
b) "Mr. Frost" Cook introduces a film on RF August 30, 1975, 6 pp, 4 copies
c) "The Critics and Robert Frost" undated, 19 pp, 2 copies
d) "Robert Frost: A Vermont Memory" undated, 12 pp, 2 copies
e) "A Middlebury Attachment" undated, 7 pp, 3 copies
f) "Robert Frost: A Perspective" undated, 30 pp, 2 copies
g) "Robert Frost: An Equilibrists Field of Vision" undated, 18 pp, 1 copy

Binder 4 "Robert Frost on his Poems"
A collection of comments gathered from talks and meetings arranged by book and by poem.


A Masque of Reason
A Masque of Mercy
In the Clearing
Steeple Bush
A Witness Tree
A Further Range
West-Running Brook
New Hampshire
Mountain Interval
North of Boston
A Boy's Will

Binder 5 No tag or title
"Robert Frost Free Meditation" to W. E. Davison January 30, 1921
Robert Frost at Bread Loaf - Notes July 7, 1921
Dartmouth Verse, 1925 Introduction by Robert Frost 1925
Excerpts from a lecture at Bread Loaf, 1933 1933
Press Release
Lecture Reading by Robert Frost at New School October 17, 1935
Lecture by Robert Frost Bread Loaf School of English July 20, 1936
Excerpts of Lectures at Bread Loaf July 6, 1937
November, 1937
July, 1948
November, 1952

Robert Frost Letters and Telegrams - to various people, 14 pages
W. E. Davison 1925
Letter to The Amherst Student March 26, 1935
Mrs. Wilkinson February 19, 1919
Tom Mosher December 27, 1914
Mrs. Marguerite Wilkerson June 11, 1922
(ditto) April 21, 1919
Mr. Putnam (a publisher re King Jasper) May 11, 1935
Blanton, MacMillan Co. August 12, (1935?)
(ditto) August 20, (1935?)
Putnam August 26, 1935
(ditto) telegram September 3, 1935
(ditto) September 11, 1935
(ditto) September 19, 1935
(ditto) November 11, 1935

Criticism - various

List of Frost manuscripts in Huntington Library

Text of Early Poems of Robert Frost at Huntington Library:

"Midsummer Birds"
"When the Speed Comes"
"To a Moth in Winter"
"The Mill City"
"My Giving"
"A Winter Night" (early ref to "An Old Man's Winter Night"
"Clear and Colder"
"Winter Winds"
"On the Sale of my Farm"
"The Black Cottage"
"In White" and "Design"
"La Noche Triste"
"The Flight"

Talk Transcripts:
Mead Chapel (ditto) "On the Prevalence of Poetry" May 27, 1936, 8 pp
Bread Loaf School of English Q&A July 21, 1946, 5 pp
Mead Chapel May 10, 1950 13 pp
Reading "Connection to Pedagogy" June 28, 1951 4 pp
Bread Loaf - the Barn August 1, 1951 4 pp
Bread Loaf School of English June 30, 1955 8 pp
Bread Loaf - the Barn July 28, 1955 12 pp
Bread Loaf School of English July 3, 1957 4 pp
Bread Loaf School of English June 30, 1958 8 pp
Bread Loaf School of English "Cherubic Scorn" June 29, 1959 9 pp
Bread Loaf School of English - Barn July 27, 1960 16 pp


Folder 6 Letters to Cook from famous people (many ALS) including:
Edwin Way Teale November 30, 1974
Cleanth Brooks November 6, 1962
(ditto) November 13, 1962
Bernard Malamud November 3, 1963
Dorothy Canfield Fisher August 22, 1942
John Crowe Ransom July 5, 1960
ditto May 21, 1957
ditto February 11, 1958
ditto July 29, 1959
ditto July 11, 1959
ditto July 2, 1959
Jacques Barzun November 7, 1960
Robert Penn Warren December 11, 1955
Saul Bellow December 1, 1961
Bernard Malamud October 30, 1961
Cleanth Brooks September 22, 1963
Rabbi Victor Reichert (talk text/program) July 2, 1963

Letters from Cook to various people (some famous)

Stephen A. Freeman November 12, 1963
ditto November 17, 1963
James I. Armstrong (resignation from BLSOE) October 28, 1963
Ralph Ellison November 18, 1961
Saul Bellow November 18, 1961
Bernard Malamud October 28, 1961
Robert Frost April 17, 1962
ditto April 13, 1961

Letters from Peter J. Stanlis to Cook January 29, 1963
November 29, 1962

Folder 7

Stamps of all kinds, including literary figures: Frost, Hawthorne, Faulkner

Philatelic items: Commemorative envelopes: Moby Dick

Many more - take inventory

Binder 8 "American Literature: A Second Look, Speculative Views"
October - December 1979 138 pp

A typed manuscript of a discussion between

1) An English Major
2) An American Lit Major
3) A Professor Emeritus


Binder 9 "Pieces of a World"

A series of essays.

"Pieces of a World"
"The Laconic View"
"Sandburg at Bread Loaf School of English"
"Pilgrimage to Arles"
"On Johnny Cake Hill"
"Southwest Triptych"
"The Northeast Corner"
"McIntosh Heaven"
"Out the Back Road"
"Pilgrimage to Walden"
"Hardy of Dorchester"
"At Haworth on the Yorkshire Moors"
"Profile of a Tidal Pool"
"Angels of Refraction"
"Moby Dick: The Narcissus Allusion"
"A Short View of Robot Education and Instant Culture"
"On the Reading of History"
"Newsworthy Items"
"The Brighter Element"
"What Comes Naturally"
"Richard Wilbur at Bread Loaf"
"William Carlos Williams"
"Ransom Visits Bread Loaf"
"Let us Neither Praise or Dispraise Famous Men"
"A Dylan Thomas Reading"


Binder 10 "Thoreau Essays"

Binder 11 "Education"

Binder 12 "The Intending Parable"

Binding 13 "The Riddle of the Emerson Sphinx"


C-4 Box 2

Note: various pamphlets on BLSOE, various years, many in duplicate, with pictures of Bread Loaf, faculty, including Robert Frost, plus reprints of Cook essays in various journals were removed for storage elsewhere

Folder 1

Frost booklets:
1) Bread Loaf School of English 1964
2) Robert Frost: A Tribute from Middlebury College
3) Robert Frost and Bread Loaf
4) Out For Stars by Victor E. Reichert


Articles on Robert Frost
Books: Yankee Magazine November, 1955 "A Walk with Robert Frost"
Accent, autumn 1949 "Frost as a Parablist"
Mass Review, summer 1974, "Robert Frost: A Equilibrist's Field of Vision"

Reprints: New England Quarterly, Sept 1967, "Frost the Diversionist"
College English, Feb 1947 "Robert Frost as Teacher"
American Literature, Jan 1948, "Robert Frost Asides on his Poetry"
American Literature, Mar 1956, "Frost on Frost: The Making of Poems"
The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Apr 1956, "Notes on Frost the Lecturer"

Folder 2

Various typed manuscripts:
1. "American Literature at Middlebury College" March, 1980 146 pp with bibliography.
2. "American Literature in Middlebury College Curriculum"
3. "The Place of American Literature in the School Curriculum"
4. "Objectives in an American Literature Course"


Binder 3 Typed manuscript: "One for the Road" 1980 80 pp.
Binder 4 Typed manuscript: "Learn of the Green World" 1975
Binder 5 Typed manuscript: "Learn of the Green World" 1975 (duplicate)
Binder 6 Typed Manuscripts: "A Time to Teach" 1961 118 pp
A book on teaching and education
Binder 7 Typed Manuscript: "It Takes you Back" 147 pp No 1 or 4, Cook autobiography
Binder 8 "Frost Talks III transcription drafts: Intro - text - notes. Most of these appeared in Robert Frost: A Living Voice, 1974

June 23, 1953 "On Being Let in on Symbols"
July 5, 1954 "Poetry and Education"
August 2, 1954 "A Session in the Barn on Poetry"
June 30, 1955 "On Taking Poetry"
July 28, 1955 "On Puritanism, Darwin, Marx, Freud and Einstein"
July 2, 1956 "On Surmising"
April 29, 1957
June 30, 1958 "On English Departments and Poetry"
June 29, 1959 "Cherubic Scorn"
July 4, 1960 "Attitudes toward Poetry"
July 3, 1961 "An Interest in Science"
July 2, 1962 "Telling Stories"


Binder 9 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, typed manuscript, corrected draft, not final.
Binder 10 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, notes on the index
Binder 11 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, typed manuscript with corrections
Binder 12 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, notes on the index



C-4 - Box 3

There was a real mess of loose paper, curled and stuffed in the box; some pages clipped with rusty paper clips.

Folder 1 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, index notes, review list, corrections

Folder 2 Robert Frost: A Living Voice, index notes

Folder 3 On Robert Frost: Cooks handwritten notes

Folder 4 Ways of Taking Robert Frost October, 1961 various handwritten notes and typed manuscripts

Folder 5 Robert Frost Notes withdrawn p188-212 various hand written notes and typed manuscripts

Folder 6 Robert Frost pencil notes on Frost visits and talks:
June 23, 1953
July 28, 1955
July 5, 1954
August 2, 1954

Folder 7 Robert Frost - pencil notes, preliminary manuscript/notes on Robert Frost: A Living Voice,
Page 1 of a review by Cook on Robert Frost: Family Letters


Folder 8 Robert Frost at Bread Loaf School of English - dates listed of talks
A list of botanical species in Frost poems by Charles Butterfield
Typed manuscript: "The Dark Night of Robert Frost: Links with Arnold, Shakespeare, and Goethe by Robert F. Fleissner
A program at the Old First Church in Bennington, Vermont 3-23-74 "Tribute to Robert Frost."
"Robert Frost: A Vermont Memory" 3 copies

Folder 9 Robert Frost: A Living Voice typed manuscript
Folder 10 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Folder 11 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Folder 12 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Folder 13 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Folder 14 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Folder 15 The Intending Parable by R. L. Cook, a typed manuscript.
Item 16 Two wads: Robert Frost: A Living Voice publisher's proof and galley sheets



C-4 Box 4

Indian studies, western materials. Research: pages cut from journals on western subjects and pasted on sheets. Texts by Cook on Billy the Kid. Research/writing for a book in progress? Pages from several boxes that were jumbled may not be sequential.


C-4 Box 5

Folder 1 Indian Studies: pages clipped and pasted for research

Folder 2 Indian Studies: pages clipped and pasted for research

Folder 3 Indian Studies: pages clipped and pasted for research

Folder 4 Indian Studies: Handwritten notes by Cook

Folder 5 Indian Studies: clippings and ms. NM III

Folder 6 Indian Studies: typed ms

Folder 7 Indian Studies: typed ms

Folder 8 Indian Studies: typed ms NM IV

Folder 9 Indian Studies: typed ms, mimeographed beginning: "Adolph Bandelier"

Folder 10 Indian Studies: typed ms, mimeogra'd beginning: "History is resurrection"

Folder 11 Indian Studies: miscellaneous

Binder 12 "The Intending Parable" typed manuscript


C-4 Box 6

Binder 1 "Pieces of a World" Xref C-4, box 1, Binder 9

Binder 2 "So to Speak: An anthology (of quotations)" by R. L. Cook

Binder 3 "A Kindred Art" by R. L. Cook 1965

Binder 4 Three Essays:
"Who is this Whitman, any way" 12-31-78 2 CC
"Hemingway: The Primitivist" 2-10-71 13 pp., 2 CC
"The Friendly and Flowing Savage: Who is He" (on Hemingway)

Folder 5 Poems by R. L. Cook

Folder 6 Poems by R. L. Cook

Folder 7 Quotations collected by RLC

Folder 8 Inventory of First Editions,
Eskimo Art,
Autographs of Robert Frost
Special First Editions
Folder 9 Cook Journal, 1983 Jan - Dec typed and written; with index of proper names

Folder 10 "The Art of American Letters" a program of informal readings

Binder 11 Essays on Reading

"Enthrallment" 20 pp 4-10-80, 2 CC
"On First Reading American Books" 5 pp, 6-4-83
"On Interpretive Reading" 3 pp, 1982
"T.F. Powys: Mr. Weston's Good Wine," 3 pp., 1982
"Freeman Dyson's Disturbing the Universe," 3 pp, 8-9-81
"Lewis Mumford's 'The Pentagon of Power' " 2pp, Summer, 1981
"Andre Gide: Travels in the Congo (1928-1957) 8 pp, 11-1-80
"Shaller's Stones of Silence," 8 pp, 9-16-80
"A Note on Hardy," 3 pp, Summer 1981
"A Note on Huckleberry Finn," 5 pp, 9-5-81
"On the Physiological Source of Style," 6 pp, 9-25-81
"Reading Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil" 8pp, 9-23-81
"Emerson's Journal Entries," 14 pp 3-5-81
"One of the Wahoos" 13pp, 3-31-81
"Poetry" 4pp, Spring 1981


C-4 Box 7
Folders of newspaper clippings on literary figures

Folder 1 Theodore Roethke
Folder 2 E. A. Robinson
Folder 3 William Carlos Williams
Folder 4 Wallace Stevens
Folder 5 Carl Sandburg
Folder 6 Edna St. Vincent Millay
Folder 7 Ezra Pound
Folder 8 Misc
Box 9 Robert Frost Christmas cards banded in sets of various signatures by year
Box 10 Collection of old blank postcards from all over the world - Cook travels
Box 11 A typed ms, boxed, "Learn of the Green World" marked "master/final copy


C-4 Box 8

Audio cassettes in four boxes:

Shakespeare Plays - various

BOX B - 12 tapes
The Adams Chronicle
The Belle o Amherst with Julie Harris
Interview with Solzhenitsyn
Interviews: Dick Cavitt and Anthony Quinn; Cavitt and Rollo May
Interviews: Dick Cavitt and the foll: Anthony Burgess, John Guilgud, John Simon
Eudora Welty: The Writer in America
Muriel Rukeyser
Wm. Faulkner: A Life on Paper I
Wm. Faulkner: A Life on Paper II
Stephen Spender; Stephen Spender and Wm. F. Buckley
Saul Bellow on Hemingway's Craft; Loren Eisely
Robert Penn Warren

Dick Cavitt Interviews - various

BOX D - 10 tapes
Cavitt - John Updike
Claude Monet
Susan Sontag
Cavitt - Orson Wells
Isaac Singer
Cavitt - John Cheever
Lesley Frost Ballantine 5-20-78, John Jackson (blues singer); Alfred Kazin - D. Cavitt
D. Cavitt - Paul Weiss; Cavitt - Isaac B. Singer
Cavitt - Colin Turnbull/ Rolo May/Simon Ward/Ralph Richardson on Shakespeare
Eudora Welty reading "The Petrified Man"; D. Cavitt - Alfred Kazin

Various maps of places Cook visited

Misc pamphlets:
- various
- "The Augustan Books of Modern Poetry": John Davidson, Thomas Campion;
Rabindranath Tagore; J. C. Squire
- The American Oxonian - 5 catalogs

Misc. Books - Cook at Oxford, 3 notebooks:
Cook Workbook Oxford 1928
Cook Poems, Oxford 1926-27
Cook Poems, Oxford 1926-27

Misc Books, 13 volumes:
The Mind as Nature
The Traces of Brillhart
Shorthand Writing
The Book of Naturalists
Basic Elements of Spanish
The Journal of a Disappointed Man
Joseph Conrad - a Sketch
The Natural History - Selborne
Reading Modern Poetry
A Field Guide to Western Birds
A Field Guide to the Birds
Audubon's Birds of America
Time Annual 1994


C-4 Box 9

Folder 1 Frost Bibliography

Binder 2 Frost Essays (used in published books) manuscripts
a) "Program Notes" June 1961 13 pp, 2 CC
b) "A Parallel of Parablists" Thoreau and Frost 23 pp, 1 CC
c) "Frost the Diversionist" 18pp; 1CC - NEQ 9/67
d) "A Fine Old Eye" 15pp, 1 CC - MA Review '63
e) "Untitled" Fall, 1962 7pp; 2CC
f) "Robert Frost's Constellated Sky" 15 pp, plus bibliography
g) "Four Meetings" A Living Voice Chapter 2, Preceptor, Paterfamilias, Outdoorsman, Performer: 7-15-25; 7-28-35; 6-30-50, 7-27-60
h) "On Sighting Constellations 10 pp, 3CC
i) Bread Loaf Interlinear or The Making of Robert Frost: A Living Voice, 24pp, 3 CC

Binder 3 Frost Essays: (unpublished?):
a) "Frost and Country Things" 1949 14pp 1CC
b) "Robert Frost and the Art of Reading" 8pp, 2CC
c) "Robert Frost and Bread Loaf" 1952 10pp, 1CC
d) "Frost's Ideas on Education," 12pp, 1CC
e) "Conversations with Robert Frost" 17pp, 1CC
f) "Ways of Taking Robert Frost" 4-24-57, 19pp, 1 CC
g) "The Prevalence of Robert Frost" 11pp, 2CC
h) "Robert Frost on the Boards" 11pp, 2CC
i) "In Robert Frost the Play's the Thing 9-'57, 1cc
j) "Robert Frost's Vision of Place" 11pp, 3CC

Binder 4 Ms "The High and the Broad" by R. L. Cook, a record of Oxford Days

Binder 5 "A Note on Free Trespass" November, 1981

Binder 6 "Robert Frost Notes 1950 - 1960 (Xref Box 1 Binder 2, Frost Verbatim)

Binder 7 "Meetings with Robert Frost" (earlier draft of Frost Verbatim)
July 15, 1925 - December 13, 1947

Binder 8 "Meetings with Robert Frost" (earlier draft of Frost Verbatim)
May 28, 1948 - October 6, 1952

Binder 9 "Meetings with Robert Frost" (earlier draft of Frost Verbatim)
May 29, 1953 - December 23, 195


Binder 10 "Meetings with Robert Frost" (earlier draft of Frost Verbatim)
April 29, 1957 - August 25, 1960

Binder 11 "Meetings with Robert Frost" (earlier draft of Frost Verbatim)
July 3, 1961 - Sept. 7, 1963


C-4 Box 10


Folder 1 "An Essay on Education"

Folder 2 a) Essay on Frost by Lesley Lee Francis 4/84, Harvard Magazine with holograph to Cook
b) "On What Frost Meant in his Art"
c) "Frost Verbatim" Intro to Volume III 1957-63; Intro to Volume I 11pp
d) "The Sayer" 10pp

Folder 3 Essays: Parkman: The Grand Design
Parkman and the Affair of the Indians

Folder 4 "Captains in the Field"

Folder 5 "Pueblos of the Southwest"
"Out on the Back Road"

Folder 6 Cook Autobiography - drafts

Folder 7 Cook Autobiography - drafts

Folder 8 "A Time to Teach" carbon copy

Folder 9 Notes on the writing of "Free Trespass"

Folder 10 Essays - Misc environment, nature

Folder 11 Essays:
a) "The Idiom of Natural Observation"
b) "The Ecological Thoreau"
c) "Thoreau Walden Sojourn
d) "Naturalist Watching"
e) "The Fabulist or How to Take Nature Writing"
f) "Whose Country"
g) "On the Nature of Things in Krutch's Lower Sonoran Desert"
h) "Plain John Burrough"
i) "John Muir: The Second Conservationist"
j) "Audubon Biographical Note"
k) "William Bartram Sylvan Pilgrimage"
l) "Borroughs and Arnold"


Folder 12 Autobiographical holograph, "Mendon, Mass."

Folder 13 Cook addresses to Bread Loaf 1955 - 1964

Folder 14 Essay: "Education in the Democratic Process"

Folder 15 Misc Essays:
a) "The Witch Ring in Hawthorne"
b) "Navajo Sheet Dipping"
c) "Shadow Density"
d) "A Littoral Homily"
e) "Kirillov's Leaf
f) "The Green Cloud"

Folder 16 "University of Calif. Affair: The Human Error in Education"

Folder 17 "Peattie as Nature Interpreter"

Folder 18 "Susan Shelby Magoffin and a Sense of History"

Folder 19 Essays on Reading
a) "On Early Reading"
b) "To Read or Not to Read"
c) "The Luminous Page and the Vanishing Reader"
d) "The Shared Responsibility of Librarian and Teacher"

Folder 20 Oxford Essays

Folder 21 Oxford Essays

Folder 22 Indian Studies: "Catlin's Classic West"

Folder 23 Indian Studies: "Stuart Chase"



C-4 Box 11

Bread Loaf
Bread Loaf Folders
1) no number ?? 2 CC
2) No. 2 "In the Battell Hemlocks 2CC
3) No. 3 "Birches" Frost's poem reprinted 2CC
4) No. 8 "Give me no Marble Slab . . ." address at dedication of the Davison Memorial Library 1930 by Robert Frost 2CC
5) No. 10 "Spoken at Castle Gate" 3CC
6) No. 11 "Legend" 2CC
7) No. 13 "Boojy" 1CC
8) No. 14 "Sir John" 1CC
9) No. 15 "A Natural Aristocracy" 1CC


Bread Loaf Inn 1CC
Robert Frost: Godfather of Bread Loaf 3CC
Guidebook to Vicinity of Bread Loaf Inn 1CC
150 Books by Middlebury Men and Women 1803-1938
Middlebury College Brochure
Middlebury College Bulletin Jan, 1940
Middlebury College Bulletin, Egbert Star Library August, 1928
Audubon Magazine Feb, 1887 facsimile 1987
Mark Twain Journal Summer 1969
Mark Twain Journal Winter 1970
Thoreau Gazeteer
3 Thoreau pamphlets

Folder 1 Bread Loaf Faculty photographs: 1927, 28, 31 and others

Folder 2 Indian studies - news clippings - misc

Folder 3 "Acorns and Oaks" journal of ideas and thoughts, 1922

Folder 4 Bread Loaf Commencement addresses

Folder 5 Indian Notes

Binder 6 Cook Poems

Various audiocassettes: 7 cassettes


C-4 Box 12

AUDIO CASSETTES on Robert Frost - BOX A (a large grey box)

1. Robert Frost 6-25-53 "On Being Let in on Symbols"
2. " " (conclusion)
" 7-5-54 "Poetry and Education"
3. " 8-2-54 Frost in Barn - BLSoE
4. " 6-30-55 "On Taking Poetry"
5. " 7-28-55 Frost in Barn - BLSoE
6. " 7-2-56 "On Surmising"
7-3-57 At BLES
7. " 7-2-56 "On Surmising"
7-3-57 At BLES
8. " 4-29-57 Abernathy Lecture
9. " 6-3-58 "On English Dept. and Poetry"
10. " 6-29-59 "Cherubic Scorn"
11. " 7-4-60 Attitudes toward Poetry 1 and 2
12. " 7-4-60 Attitudes toward Poetry 3
" 7-19-54 BBC RF & RLC on Thoreau
13. " 7-4-60 Attitudes toward Poetry 3
14. " 7-27-60 RF at BL Barn w/RLC & Wm. Meredith
15. " 7-3-61 "An Interest in Science"
16. " 7-2-62 BLES "Telling Stories"
17. " n.d. U. S. Information Svce. - Frost reads poems
18 on Frost 10-4-71 Mr. & Mrs. Egbert Hadley on Frost
10-13-71 Dr. Stephen A. Freeman on Frost
19 " 10-5-71 Erie Volkert & W. Burroughs (illeg) on Frost
10-28-71 Arthur Healey on Frost
20 " 10-71 RLC - Frost anecdotes
" 10-29-71 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Hazlet Upson on Frost
" 7-5-72 Victor Reichert on Frost (this could be a sep tape)
21 " 3-21-74 RLC on RF

22 n.d. Vladimir Horowitz interview and music


Reel to Reel - 18 reels assorted figures

Binder MS. 1970 "New Mexico - A Literary chronicle"

Boxed ms. "Learn of the Green World" "old copy"

Folder Correspondence on "Learn of the Green World"


Folder 10/83 Journal pp 7021-7033 "Doc's latest notes"

Envelope 1950s Robert Frost Wales Hawkins Collection: 2 CC of
inventory submitted by and signed by Corinne T. Davids.
Papers rolled 12/58 "Curriculum Evaluation"

Notes Misc.



C-4 Box 13

7 books:
New Green World
Elements of Spanish
A Graded Spanish Review
The Outer Most House
Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain
Dr. (Samuel L.) Johnson and his Circle
Webster's New World Dictionary


Folder 1 Doc's Essays 7 mss
2 Doc's Essays 5 mss
3 Doc's Essays + news clippings
4 Misc Travel Essays
essays on meetings with literary figures - all fascinating
a. Robert Frost
b. Wm. Carlos Williams
c. John Crowe Ransom & Robert Frost
d. Dylan Thomas
e. Richard Wilber

Folder 5 Corres. with Michael Reed
Folder 6 "
Folder 7 MS by Michael Reed
Folder 8 Correspondence on Dimensions of Robert Frost re publication, permissions,
royalties, and letters of congratulations, including:
Lawrance Thompson - interesting
Kay Morrison
Elizabeth Drew
Elizabeth S. Sergeant
Binder 9 MS of Dimensions of Robert Frost
Item 10 (loose, but together) reprints of various articles published by Cook - many are duplicates.




C-4 Box 14

Journals and Books:
a. Mass. Review winter '63 Essays on Robert Frost 2 CC
b. Mass. Review autumn '62 Essays on Thoreau 2 CC
c. Bookman 3/26 1CC w/ poem by RLC
Bookman 5/27 2 CC w/ poem by RLC
d. Swanee Review Summer '28
e. ESQ 5 volumes No. 66 - 70
f. Southern Review Autumn '66 Robert Frost: Critical views and reminiscences p735-877

Binder 1 Frost Essays
a) "Double Identity in Frost"
b) "Refraction: An Overview"
c) "Robert Frost: A Perspective"
d) "The Rating of Robert Frost 16 pp, 2 CC
e) "A Re-View of Robert Frost" 14 pp, 2CC
f) "The Preferred Frost and the Antinomies" 20pp, 1 CC


Binder 2 Essays MS "Humanities revisited Drafts 1974-75

Folder 3 New Mexico typed ms
Eugene Manlove Rhodes
A Nice Piece of Country
Oliver La Forge
et al

30 magazines, many featuring articles written by R. L. Cook, some in duplicate




C-4 Box 15

All Folders: News clippings on poets


C-4 Box 16

Binder 1 MS "It Takes you Back" 1

Binder 2 MS " 2

Binder 3 a) Cook Autobiography Oxford 1926-30-40
b) "The Teaching of American Literature"
c) "Southwest Triptych"
1) Big Drum at Cochiti
2) Snake Dance
3) Navajo Sheep Dipping

Binder 4 Various Essays

Folder 5 "Plans for a American Literature Course 1922-3
by Wilfred E. Davison

Folder 6 Notes correspondence Faculty Committee on Conference with Trustees 1947
Stratton resignation

Folder 7 Letter to Bob Buckeye

Folder 8 Essays on Poetry Education

Folder 9 Folder on inauguration of Olin Robison 10-1-75


C-4 Box 17

Media: audio tapes and reel to reel

Grey Box:
Left side of box: Tapes of probable interest

1. 8-10-55 Elizabeth Drew on Yeats, Eliot and Auden
2. 7-10-61 Donald Davidson Reads his Poems
3. 7-17-61 Howard Nemerol Reads his Poems
4. 7-30-62 John Berryman Reads his Poems
5. 7-1-63 Moses Hadas on Style
6. 7-15-63 Stanley Edgar Hyman on the Critics Credentials
7. 8-5-63 William Hazlett Upson "Fun with Literature"
8. 7-6-64 May Swenson Poetry Reading
6-29-64 Frank Kermodo (?) on Modern Poetry & Tradition
9. 9-17-64 Wm. Arrowshith on Petronius
10. 9-30-71 Interview with Walter Kirby
11. 7-10-62 Tribute to Wm. Faulkner with Cook, Baker, Berryman, Davidson
12 10-6-71 Mrs. Hewitt on San Francisco quake of 1906
10-19-71 Mrs. Chas. Swift on Jos. Battell
13 n.d. Wallace Stevens Poetry Reading
14 8-13-73 "The Mysterious Man" on Eliot, Spender, Lowell, Morley, Richards
15 n.d. "Inside San Quintin," Truman Capote
16 7-13-68 Cook Presidential Address Thoreau Soc.
17 7-6-73 "Henry Thoreau "A Captain of a Huckerberry (?) Party


Right side of box: Tapes of possible interest
1 tapes recorded by Cook
2 "
3 "
4 Don Quixote with Rex Harrison
5 "
6 Richard III
7 "
8 Hamlet with Nicol Williamson
9 "
10 The Last King of America with Peter Ustinov


(12) Reel to Reel
1 7-31-61 Wm. Hazlet Upton Lecture BLSoE
2 7-13-53 Jesse Stuart
3 7-11-54 Review of British Weeklies
4 n.d. Book of Buena Bista
5 11/82 Emerson String Quartet
6 7-9-62 Wm. Meredith Poetry Reading
7-10-62 a Tribute to Wm. Faulkner
7 nd Xmas Concert
8 nd Taps Language School
9 ?
10 ?
11 ?
12 unopened



1 bookplate imprint
5 envelopes: medals, key chain, Oxford door knocker, etc

Note: I believe we also put in here a shoe box of tapes that are interviews of Dick Cavett, Jack Paar, Merv Griffith, Johnny Carson, David Frost with various celebrities.


July 20, 2010
prepared by Carole Thompson
Robert Frost Stone House Museum
121 VT Route 7A
Shaftsbury, VT 05262