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The very best way to get to know and understand Frost's poetry is to share your thoughts with others in a discussion group. It is a pleasure to hear the poems read outloud and hearing another person's impression can often enrich one's own appreciation. A group can be composed of people with diverse backgrounds who may feed the discussion in a variety of ways. All you need to get started is a book of Frost's poetry. It also helps to have a local library with a few Frost books, such as biography and literary criticism.

It is perfectly all right to "come" to Frost through one's life experience. The poetry can be read on the literal level and discussed by the group in terms of their own preferences. This is a road that will lead you along its own path. Poetry is very subjective and it can be studied and enjoyed for what it is. "We love the things we love for what they are."

Of course, you may find the study of Frost's life and art a fascinating and absorbing subject. You may find a lot more there than meets the eye. Look at what happened to us! After 3 years of discussion, our group feels we have barely scratched the surface! It is not the road that makes the difference, it's the traveler.

So, how to begin. We ran a news release in our local paper and scheduled an organization meeting. Ten people arrived with diverse backgrounds, ages and education. We decided how often to meet, where and when to meet, and how to pick poems for study. Our group meets every other Tuesday at 11:30 am at a local church. We meet for about an hour. We started with the most famous poems picked at random. The members read voluntarily and we don't demand anyone recite. First we read the poem and then discuss it. We usually take two poems per session. The leadership of the discussion changes from week to week depending on who has found material to contribute. We have found 10 members a good core number to work with.
It is very enjoyable to hear experiences of members who can explain Frost's farming and nature references. Our "age enabled" members are capable of telling us about the political and social issues of the 30's which colored Frost's poetry. His life, poetic craftsmanship, recurring themes are all material for discussion. Your group can be as casual or scholarly as they would like. Each of our members come to Frost by various ways. One member is an avid reader of Emerson, another likes Celtic literature, another is fascinated by Frost's life. We have found connections to Frost's poetry through all these subjects. We are nature lovers, gardeners, farmers, teachers, and homemakers.
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 How can we help? If needed, we can suggest a starting list of poems to read. We have note files on quite a few of the most famous poems which we can email to your group. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Our group has amassed a considerable amount of resource material. Become a local chapter of Frost Friends and eventually you will be ready to have a public poetry reading, mount a Frost exhibit, read to the elderly, talk to school children or give a Frost program to your local community. Frost Fever - catch it!

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