Special Exhibits


This nautilis shell was a gift to Frost along with the little hand-made holder.

From Does No One at all Ever Feel This Way in the Least?

"I pick a dead shell up from where the kelp
Lies in a windrow, brittle-dry and black,
And holding it far forward for a symbol
I cry, 'Do work for women - all the help
I ask of you. Grind this I throw you back
Into a lady's finger ring or thimble.' "
This letter opener was also a gift from an admirer. Frost was an avid writer of letters, which are wonderful to read. There are 3 volumes of published letters: Selected Letters, Family Letters and Letters to Louis Untermeyer.

This letter opener features the head of Southern general Robert E. Lee. This is an appropriate memento as Robert Lee Frost is named after Robert E. Lee.


Shell and letter opener courtesy of
Mrs. Elinor Wilber

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