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There are programs scheduled by various Frost organizations every year. Click here to find the schedules. You may e-mail us to add your event to the calendar. We will post talks, poetry readings and Frost gatherings. Send information on your program to frostnow@sover.net
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Let us help you start a Robert Frost discussion club in your town to study his poetry and life. Once you have started a club, you can become a chapter member of The Friends of Robert Frost. This is a great way to learn and share interests with others. Frost Friends are the greatest!


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Information on other organizations devoted to Robert Frost and our favorite links to scholarly internet sites containing good information on the poet. Information on the Frost archives and major collections.
Reading List
Here is a recommended list of books on Frost by category. Many wonderful books about Frost are out-of-print, but you can find used copies of them over the internet or at your local library.
Contact us to obtain a list of qualified speakers who can address your local club or organization. Robert Frost is a fascinating topic for a talk at your local library, or civic organization. Email: frostnow@sover.net
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