Student Tours at the Stone House

In fulfilling its mission to foster understanding and appreciation of Frost's life and work, the museum offers a special interactive tour designed for students in grades 4 and above. Through the use of photographs, visualization and word games, students will learn about basic elements of poetry and the process of creating it. They will engage in interpretative readings of Frost's poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," in the very room where he wrote it. Students will become aware of Frost's unique use of poetic form, style and subject matter to express feelings we all share. Student tours are 1 hour in length and can accommodate up to 40 students. One chaperone per five students is requested.

Reservations and Fees ......... Schools in Bennington, Vermont and the immediate area, grades 4 - 12, are offered free admission and free bus transportation through generous funding by the Turrell Foundation, Wal*mart, Bank of Bennington and the American Legion. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. Make your reservation to secure free services while funds last.

Schools outside the Bennington area are welcome at the following discounted rates: The teacher and students are admitted free. Additional adults pay $4.50 admission. Transportation is not included.

The museum is open for student tours in May, June, September and November, from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. No student tours are given during the month of October. The museum is handicapped-accessible and has a rest room available. To schedule a tour, e-mail us at Please use "Frost School Tour" as your subject line.


We are located in Shaftsbury, on Route 7A, 10 minutes from most of the Bennington schools,

15 minutes from Arlington, and 30 minutes from Manchester.






Lesson Plan





1) How is poetry different from other kinds of writing?
2) What is this poem about? Who is talking? Where is the person? Why do you think Frost repeats the last line of his poem?
3) What does "imagination" mean? Is it important in writing poetry? How did Frost use his imagination when he wrote this poem.

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