Peter J. Stanlis

Frost Photograph Collection


Dr. Peter J. Stanlis met Robert Frost in June 1939 as a student at the Bread Loaf School of English in Ripton, Vermont. Their association developed over the course of six summers when Stanlis was a student, continuing two more summers as a faculty member, resulting in a friendship and professional association that lasted 23 years.

Dr. Stanlis is one of the foremost Frost scholars in the world today. His scholarship is greatly enhanced by his personal friendship with the poet. He has published numerous essays on Frost focusing on Frost’s philosophy as well as his poetry. He has examined Frost’s political views and his ideas about the individual and society. His ground-breaking book Robert Frost: The Poet as Philosopher, published in 2007, received critical acclaim.

Dr. Stanlis collected photographs of Frost over his long association with the poet. His collection was donated to the Robert Frost Stone House in 2002. (Catalog of Photographs)

The photographs are listed chronologically. The pictures are rated H, M or L, meaning high, medium or low resolution.

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Photograph: Robert Frost and Peter Stanlis at University of Detroit in 1962 on the occasion of Frost receiving an honorary degree.