The Robert Frost Tutorial


The Robert Frost Tutorial is for students who would like help with school assignments. First check the Tutorial Topics below for good information readily accessible. In addition we have notes indexed by poem, which contain useful material. The purpose is to help you understand the poetry and illuminate Frost's ideas and theories.

We have notes on approximately 80 poems plus a number of files on topics and themes. You may make a specific request for a project you are working on. Obviously, the quick answers will come from existing files. Material is always being added, refined and updated. We do not have files on every single poem, but most of the notable works are included in the archive. You should have access to a good library and be prepared to use it. The Internet is not the answer to all your needs.

The files are rough. You will be expected to find your own conclusion and shape the material into finished form. The files are offered to help improve your understanding of Frost's poetry and poetry in general. We hope you will be Frost-bitten too!

Submit your request using the instructions below. You may request up to 3 files. Allow at least 24 hours for a reply. Mail is processed in the morning USA EST. We do not work at night, however we usually check the mail over the weekend. Give yourself time to receive and review the material. If you have a grade at stake, planning pays.

 Send your request for help by E-mail

The subject line must state: "FoRF Inq". ...............E-mail without this title is automatically deleted.

You MUST identify the poem(s) you are interested in. Be specific! If you have a theme, please give it and elaborate a little. Our files have been developed based on student's questions. If you have no idea where to start, read "Tips." Poem files are available only on request. We like to work with students and hope you will think of Frost's poetry as a life long pursuit, simply because it is so fascinating. Poetry is part of our language. It's the best part.
The Frost Free Library on line works about Frost - with word search. Critical essays on "The Road Not Taken," "Mending Wall,"The Tuft of Flowers," "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," and material on Frost's writing style.
Frost Audio Listen to Frost say his poems. You must be equipped to hear sound and be patient while it downloads.
Find the text of poems published through 1920 on-line at the Bartleby Project
Visit the Robert Frost Forum to post questions on a bulletin board.

 Tutorial Topics:

Biography "Places and Poetry"....Click to Read

"Research Tips"... Click to read
"The Hallmarks of Frost's Poetry" ......Click to read
"Frost and Nature" .....Click to Read
"The Dark Woods: Image becomes Symbol".... Click to Read
"The Poetics of Robert Frost" ...Click to read
Figurative Language
Sound Devices - Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance, Rhyme
Form - Structure, organization, pattern
"Development in the Books of Poetry and in Complete Poems" ....Click to read
"Frost's Voice and Idiom" ....... Click to read
"Frequently Asked Questions about Robert Frost"....Click to read
The Robert Frost Tutorial was developed by The Friends of Robert Frost.
Last updated February, 2007.

Thank you and good luck with your project.


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